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Getting Social | 7 Quick reasons why you should use Social Media for your Business
Here are a few reasons on why your business should be using Social Media to engage with your potential customers
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7 reasons why you should use Social Media

This article talks about both Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management

7 reasons why you should use Social Media

With the advent of Social Media in cyberspace, our worlds have changed. You no longer need to visit a store to buy the things. If you want to have a quick chat with your friends you don’t have to visit their place or call them. Social media saves a lot of time and effort required to market a business as well.

          1. Create a brand
            To become a successful brand that people trust, you need not have to spend loads of money on print media or in a television advertisement. If your Facebook page is getting the response from the potential customers that is enough. More people you engage with on social media more your small business can grow.
          2. Display your expertise
            You no longer need to get big hoardings and banners in the public spaces to advertise your business and expertise. You can start engaging with your targeted customers. You can start talking to your potential clients and add value by providing answers to their queries/issues/problems related to your services. If they find your answers useful and interesting, they will start following you. The more following you have, the more reach you have into your potential customer base.
          3. Word of mouth publicity
            Traditionally and even today, there is nothing better than word of mouth to promote your business. What is better than your customer speaking to their friends and family about your business and how it served them? It is now possible through Social Media, where consumers talk about your business whether it is positive or negative. You can now listen to them and provide your customers with the best solution. You can showcase your potential and service in social media and if people like it, it is sure that more people are going to like it through word of mouth publicity. The added benefit is that the people who react to your messages share this with their friends and in essence start communicating and advertising for you. This can be powerful because it increases the reach of your message, and your fans become advocates of your message. Added to that their friends may start reacting and thus increasing the power of your message exponentially.
          4. Small business is not small anymore
            Social media has opened up the globe for businesses. A small business can compete with the major giants in different industries across the globe. If people like your products or services they are more likely to choose you over already well established companies. Opportunity in Social Media is huge so you need to tie your boots up and properly market your products and services on social media. The world has seen so many music stars being born from Social Media. Are you or your business the next rising star?
          5. Get more people involved
            Imagine your content going viral and being loved by users on Social Media platforms, you can get millions of hits to your website and hence increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. By using Social Media platforms, Brands and organizations can target specific groups with their messages for organic reach and can also use advertising to reach potential customers. A message can be targeted based on Age, Location, Family make up, Education, Relationship status, Interests and brands they like, etc. This offers a huge potential to effectively reach potential customers with your message eliminating waste. The power of Social Media is sharing. Create something that is shareable. We are all humans and we love to share, isn’t it.
          6. The magic of links
            Google as per its latest algorithms is giving lots of value to websites and content which has quality back links coming to it. Links from your content on Social Media platforms can bring value to your SEO efforts as well. The more it is shared, the more trust it builds. Create quality content, share it and enjoy the rewards.
          7. Communicate with your customers when you want
            Through Social Media brands and organizations now have the opportunity to communicate on a regular basis with their potential customers who are following them. This is a huge benefit over other Medias, such as print advertising, a magazine, newsletters or emails etc. Using Social Media a business can communicate regularly with their followers making the messages more relevant as per the time. They can differentiate their messages based on the different occasions. Messages can even be scheduled to be delivered at a specific time of the day targeting the right/relevant audience.


One very important thing to remember, like any other social relationship Social Media takes time to establish as well. So don’t rush into it to convert your customers, give it time to build. Social Media will not happen in a day. You will have to give continuous time and energy to promote your business on Social Media. If you are ready to devote the time and share the love you will surely receive it back.

Confused on where to start or wondering how Social Media could be helpful for your Business, Contact Us for a free no-obligation session. We are happy to have a chat and help. Ultimately we are also Social and love to help.

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